Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Animal Testing Company L'Oreal purchases cruelty free makeup artist brand NYX

I LOVE NYX! I have been purchasing their makeup for a couple years now and love how each product sports the PETA,  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) bunny logo...but will the PETA logo remain?  

      PETA logo

It breaks my heart to have found that animal testing company L'Oreal has purchased NYX cosmetics as of late 2014. My understanding is that NYX will remain cruelty free and although that is wonderful news, what does this really entail?

Much controversy is found on the internet in regards to cruelty free brands owned by parent companies that test on animals. Let me give you a couple examples. Urban Decay is cruelty free however, owned by L'Oreal as of 2012. Burt's Bee's is cruelty free but owned by animal testing company, Clorox. It is up to us individually to contemplate whether we should purchase from particular cosmetic lines deemed, "cruelty free". We must keep in mind that profits made from our purchases are replenished back into the parent companies who do own makeup lines that test on animals, keeping animal testing thriving ever more.  

My personal thoughts: I make great effort to stay clear from cruelty free lines owned by animal testing companies. I encourage people to do the same. It is not always easy and takes courage at times to let go of makeup we love. The good news is that we have varieties of plentiful cruelty free options available to us. I look forward to finding out what my next cosmetic favorites will be. Hugs!

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

I would love to share with you one of my cosmetic favorites! 

"Sun Bunny" Bronzer by Too Faced. 
Retail price: $30

About this product: 
Too Faced's most popular, dual-toner bronzer is a silky combination of rich, golden bronze and classic bronze with a touch of pink undertone to achieve year round bronzed perfection that mimics a natural tan without any of the orangey ick!

More to Love:
Universal Shade: Perfect for all skin tones to provide a medium to tan tone.
Muti-use: Easy to apply shades can be used to shape and contour, or to produce and over all rich glow.
Protect yourself : Stay away from the suns harmful rays by faking your bake!

Absolutely fabulous bronzer! I use it in my daily makeup routine and year around. I love how it's a perfect combination over summer skin and brightens up my washed out cheeks during the winter.  All you need it a light dusting to help result in  a healthy sun kissed glow.

I'm wearing, "Sun Bunny" bronzer by Too Faced.
"Abu Dhabi" by NYX
"Tanned" High Shine Lip gloss by NYX
(Note: NYX is cruelty free however purchased by animal testing company L'Oreal as of 2014.)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Rejuvenating Moisturizer

About this product: 
To encourage daily skin repair and rejuvenation, this age-defying cream helps deeply rehydrate and rebuild the skin's support structure. As collagen and elastin growth is stimulated, skin becomes smoother and more supple while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles fades. 

I absolutely love trying new facial creams because I crave to keep my skin healthy and youthful. Avalon Organics Renewal Cream is the first organic brand of facial lotion I have ever tried and love! I admit it wasn't long ago I was hesitant to purchase organic brands because I originally bought into the consumer idea that organic or mother nature based products do not give as quick of results. Sometimes with natural based products it does require more patience but that wasn't my experience with Avalon Renewal Cream. From the start I loved the feeling this cream had on my skin. I apply it morning and evening and it immediately helps my skin feel moisturized and soft.

This cream is thick which I personally love. I am no fan of, "watered-down" lotions which are so commonly on the market. I used to manufacture cosmetics and although we made some excellent products, I am aware of penny pinching companies that want to use watered down lotion as the base and add a couple drops of essential nutrients to the recipe and sell at high cost. One could say you end up paying more for water than you do the beneficial ingredients! 

The lotion contains lemon and white tea extract. I recommend a small amount be applied to the face as some people tend to be sensitive to extracts from plants or essential oils. We all have different skin so our skin types will react differently to certain kinds of ingredients. It is these extracts and oils that are hugely beneficial to combat a variety of skin problems however, need to be applied properly and in moderation.

Where I once was wary to invest in organic and natural based products, I have indefinetly become  interested in beneficial properties that mother nature has to offer. 

Approx retail price $21.99 (2 oz - 50 ml)
I purchased mine at target for $19.99 

Friday, October 17, 2014

EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm

About this product:
In a smooth sphere for easy application that precisely glides on lips, this lip balm has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This lip balm contains vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips kissably smooth. 

Wouldn 't you agree that one of the worst feelings ever are dry, chapped lips? With cooler weather on it's way, it's time to get ready to protect our pouts from the drying effects of the cold and luckily I've discovered some excellent balm to help with just that ...EOS organic lip balm!

 If anyone reading this is a teen, you might be aware of it's latest craze among teenagers. So many love the variety of colors and flavors to choose from along with it's fun and unique shaped container. I've seen them being sold in beauty stores to fashion stores. However, it isn't just teens who love this husband recommended I try it out. (He's 18 with 22 years experience;)

 The sphere shaped balm is made with 95% certified organic ingredients and is 100% natural. Ingredients include vitamin E for antioxidant protection, Shea butter for softening and jojoba oil for long lasting moisture. 

I've been applying this balm so often that I briefly questioned myself, "Did they put one of those addictive ingredients in this like they do in so many chapsticks?" Then I had to remind myself, it's 100% natural!

I purchased mine in, "Sweet Mint" flavor which tingles because of the peppermint and of course smells refreshing. I look forward to trying out other flavors and hope they have as wonderful a scent. 

Having always been prone to extremely dry lips, this has helped make my lips smooth and kissable which I'm thankful for and so is my husband. What a great stocking stuffer idea for the upcoming holidays!

Retail price $2.99 (.25oz - 7grams)

Thursday, October 9, 2014



Nyx (owned by a company that is not cruelty free)


Burt´s bees (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Güd by Burt´s bees (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Ogx (former Organix)
Pureology (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Tom´s Maine (owned by company that is not cruelty free)


Buxom (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
em Michelle Phan (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Nars (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Smashbox (owned by a company that is not cruelty free)
Tarte (owned by company that is not crusty free)
The Body Shop (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Urban Decay (owned by company that is not cruelty free)


Aveda (owned by a company that is not cruelty free)
Bath Body Works (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
The Body Shop (owned by company that is not cruelty free)




Formula X (owned by company that is not cruelty free)
Nyx (owned by company that is not cruelty free)