Saturday, July 5, 2014

Teaching youth how to make family friendly and cruelty free house cleaner.
 I had the opportunity to teach some sweet little ladies (12-14 yrs), in a youth group I'm in charge of how to make organic all purpose cleaner. Made from vinegar, lemon & lime peels, I use this to clean on a regular basis. Vinegar is an excellent way to kill bacteria and cost effective.The girls had so much fun making this! I taught them the benefits of making your own cleaner over the store bought chemical cleaners. I personally think the large glass jars make for great display in a kitchen or laundry room cabinet. When you peel your fruit just throw the peels into the jar of white vinegar, let sit for up to a week, syphon and you've got your cleaner! And of course I do all this for the main reason that most cleaners we buy are tested on animals. Cruelty free always!
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