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When I went to purchase a new rug for my living room a few months back, I recall how beautiful the rugs made of wool were. I can see how it could be easy during those moments of want to get caught up in desires of material possessions and make such a purchase. But to what expense? The expense that animals must be abused, suffer and die for my wants? I'm so thankful I know what I do about the wool industry. I wouldn't dare want my money going into the pockets of those who abuse, torture and violently kill animals. I went with a gorgeous twine rug instead. ~ Sarah

Most people do not give second thought to purchasing wool products because it's assumed that no cruelty could be involved with what is imagined to be the simple act of sheering sheep for their wool. The unfortunate truth is that there is much cruelty involved.

Sheep in their natural habitat produce just enough wool to protect them from temperature extremes. During the appropriate season, wild sheep shed their wool naturally.

Domestic sheep are genetically manipulated to produce unnatural thick coats so heavy that many of the animals die from heat exhaustion during the hotter months. Unlike sheep found in the wild, domestic sheep cannot shed their fleece. As the wool continues to grow, fly's burrow deep into the wool and lay their eggs on the skin of the sheep. Maggots can eat the sheep alive.

To prevent the sheep from being eaten alive by maggots, ranchers perform what is referred to as mulesing. Large strips of flesh are cut from at the back of the lambs around the tail area without the use of anesthesia.

There are other procedures performed without anesthesia which include punching holes in the years of young lambs, cutting off their tails and castrating baby males between 2 and 8 weeks of age.


Shearing takes place in the spring and most often when the temperatures are to cold. An estimated one million sheep die each year due to pre mature exposure of the cold.

Shearers are not paid by the hour but by volume therefore encouraging fast work without any regard to the welfare of the animal. Ears, tails, teats and strips of skin are cut or ripped off during the shearing process.

When sheep no longer produce enough wool they are sent to the slaughter house. Millions of sheep are exported for slaughter each year. Many must travel long distances without food or water dying on journey or in holding pens. Lambs born during trips are often trampled to death. When they reach the slaughter houses many sheep are conscious while being dismembered alive.

Many investigations have gone underway to reveal what goes on in the shearing sheds. Shearers punch, kick, stomp on sheep and zap them in the face with electric clippers. Shearers have been caught purposely breaking a lambs neck and another hitting the animals head with a hammer.




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IT COSMETICS ( IT-02 Liquid Foundation & IT CC+ Cream) REVIEW

IT -02 Ultra Repair Liquid Oxygen Foundation

About this product:  This liquid foundation gives and airbrushed look that works on all ages and skin types. Formulated to deliver oxygen to the skin, IT-CO2 Ultra Repair Liquid Foundation gives sheer to build able full coverage. Proved to increase skin hydration buy 71%  and packed with anti aging ingredients including, peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, niacin, hyaluronic acid, grapes oil, plus vitamins A,C& E. Paraben-free, talc free, sulfate free, fragrance free. 

Review:  I'm really impressed with this foundation. I love that it is full of good for your skin ingredients. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated and for that I am ever grateful. I highly recommend this to anyone who has dry skin. I find it to be medium coverage which I love. Of course you can build more coverage if you prefer. It does have a bit of a dewy glow after applying so you may want to dab on a little powder. In my case I dab on a little of my cruelty free Younique matte cream foundation to cut that hint of glow I'm currently not after. I highly recommend anyone looking for a good foundation no matter what your skin type to try out the IT Cosmetics line. It is by far one of the best cosmetic brand lines available. 




About this product:  Developed by leading plastic surgeons, this all in one multi tasking product that gives full, flawless coverage. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is a Full Coverage Color Correcting Cream, Anti Aging Serum. Infused with cutting edge anti-aging technology and proven to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. Highly pigmented to cover  and camouflage skin imperfections. Does not crease or crack in fine lines.
Comes in shades Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Rich. All It Cosmetic products are PETA approved and not tested on animals. 

For those who may not know, the abbreviated "CC" stands for Color Correction. IT Cosmetics designed CC + color correcting formulae to hide skin imperfections, age spots to hyper pigmentation.
It's the same application process as applying foundation to the entire face.  

Review: I personally think it's a great idea to ask for sample cups of the products your interested in before investing a good sum of money into a cosmetic you may not care for. I asked for a sample cup of the Light CC+ Cream at ULTA cosmetics (as pictured above). I got 3 uses out of this sample and found each time it was easy to apply, smooth and left my skin feeling hydrated. Though designed to give full coverage, I found it delivers a light to medium coverage which provides a natural look and subtle glow which I think is much more preferable than heavy coverage. 

My overall opinion is that IT Cosmetics has designed some excellent high end products. 
As much as I think both the CC+ Cream and the IT -O2 Liquid Oxygen Foundation are fantastic,  the IT -02 is what I like best. 

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) Cosmetics

IT has been over 50 years that BWC has kept their commitment form the beginning to provide cruelty free cosmetics. "In 1963, Beauty Without Cruelty was founded in England by the trustees of BWC Charitable Trust, an animal welfare organization. It's goal was to manufacture and distribute natural, color cosmetics that were NOT tested on animals (as was the norm) and did NOT contain any animal ingredients. The driving force behind the project was Katherine Long, a dedicated, life-long animal welfare activist, a cosmetician, and a vegetarian. Together with Noel Gabriel, Katherine developed the first, full line of cruelty-free color cosmetics."

Product Information

  • No animal testing
  • Vegan-Vegetarian
  • Products made with natural ingredients
  • Paraben, Phthalate free
  • Fragrance, Formaldehyde & Gluten free

Considering BWC is a leading company in the UK, I have observed that in the US we are limited to but a few choice products in local stores. However for those of us who don't mind shopping online, the variety of cosmetics BWC offers is far more abundant than I thought! They have everything from hair and body care to lipstick and nail polish.

Natural Infusion Lip Stick Color Samples 

Attitude Nail Color Samples

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DermOrganic 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

DermOrganic formulations are based around naturally derived ingredients that replicate the elements hair and skin use to replenish, refresh and maintain youthful vigor. Their regimen is based on the idea that less is more and that makes complete sense! 

Product Information

  • products made without animal by-products and are never tested on animals
  • products are vegan
  • products contain no sulfates, glycols, DEA, MEA, dyes or food coloring
  • products are Gluten free
  • products contain no artificial preservatives. Paraben free.
  • products made without salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners


DermOrganic Argan Hair Oil Treatments are the new beauty ritual for unparalleled performance. Their argan oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the Argan tree, and is rich in omega-6, antioxidants, and vitamin E. It creates a protective barrier against the damaging effects of heat, sun and wind to restore a healthy and natural shine. 

These professional formulas combine the healing properties of the ancient and highly revered argan oil with the advance therapeutic qualities of rice amino acids and grape seed extract to repair, smooth and soften hair. 

Hair Oil Treatements are provided from both Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave in Treatment products. 


DermOrganic Skin Care products are both oil and fragrance free. Nutritive benefits of Argan fruit without pore clogging effect. 

Derm Organics can be purchased at Ulta, Target, Walmart, the DermOrganic website (listed below) and from other distributors.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Butter London, Cruelty Free, Cheeky Cream Bronzer

About this product: Cheeky Cream Bronzer is a sheer lightweight formula designed to nourish skin while giving you that sun kissed glow. Contains Grapeseed oil to hydrate and project a natural looking glow. Formulated without use of parabens or phthalates. 

Retail Price $24 

Review:  I'm so happy I found this product because I had been searching high and low to find a bronzer that would deliver a natural hint of color to my skin without creating to much glow or luminosity.  I'm using it in place of blush and love the natural sun kissed look it gives. 
This is also my first time trying a cream bronzer.  I wasn't sure if I would like it in comparison to mineral bronzers and thought it might be somewhat difficult to apply. Turns out it delivers a smooth finish and is easily applied with a few gentle strokes of a brush. I use my ecotools cruelty free blush brush, (pictured below) and it works great. A large buffer brush would work nicely as well to buff cheekbones. If you're looking for a natural bronzer, I highly recommend trying this one out. Go cruelty free!