Thursday, April 24, 2014


Some ladies literally glow in their pictures and it's beautiful! I'm a fan of both a matte or glow makeup finish. So when I'm in the mood to be a little more radiant, here's what I use. NYX liquid illuminator! It will give you the radiant glow you are looking for! It doesn't look wet…it just brightens your face! You can blend it in to your foundation or dab it on areas of your liking such as the cheek bones. Choose from the NYX Gleam (light peachy pink) or Sunbeam (iridescent light pink) liquid illuminators. I chose Gleam as it has a darker shade I prefer. Purchased at Ulta for about $7. Truth be told I did once upon a time purchase Mac luster drops before being aware that MAC likes to test on animals. I promise you that NYX illuminator is just as good and much less costly with the same effect! So get your glow on this this summer lovely ladies and do it right the cruelty free way. It will make you a beautiful person inside and out!
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