Monday, August 17, 2015


It's no secret that the European originated, St. Tropez brand is the world leader in sunless tanning. After having tried out their product, I can say they really do have the best body bronzers available on the market. In addition, there's a new line of body care by a brand called WHISH which carries a self tanner. I noted that some people are comparing it's effectiveness to ST. Tropez and had to try it out. Here's the low down on both tanners:

About Product: St. Tropez enriched nourishing body moisturizer provides long lasting hydration and a touch of self tan for natural looking radiance. This gradual tanner will build up a golden glow over time. Simply massage into your body for a gradual tan. Suitable for daily use. 

Review: I love this self tanner! If you want a tan that looks gorgeous, NATURAL and streak free...try this stuff! I have fair skin so what worked best for me was to apply the tanner daily for the first 3 days to build and achieve a beautiful glow. After that you can re-apply it every few days to maintain color. I found that I could shower just like normal without the color coming off and going down the drain. Obviously when you shower some color will come off as you exfoliate and cleanse but still the color maintains well. The bottle retails at $30 and lasted me about a month and a half. At first I had a hard time bringing myself to spend more that I'd like on a tanner. Realizing I wanted to achieve excellent results without the hassle that drugstore tanners often bring, I opted to try a professional tanner and now I can firmly say I will never look back. I find the moisturizer hydrating and helps my skin to look healthy. It  can be used alone or in addition to the most famous of the ST Tropez products, Self Tan Bronzing Mousse which is their biggest seller. Video link below. An excellent solution to tanning beds. CRUELTY FREE. ST. Tropez does not test on animals. ST. Tropez uses natural ingredients.

About Product:  Whish self tanner is the perfect every day all over tanner. It will keep you skin soft and radiant. Our formula: firmer feeling with kigelia african fruit, seaweed extract, and coffee arabica extract. Refines and clarifies with goji berry, soap bark extract and moisturizes with organic shea butter mango and organic aloe. Natural DHA provides a non- streaking beautifully natural tan. 

Review: If you want a great tan in a matter of few short hours, this tanner delivers. It was about 3  - 4 hours after the 1st application when I looked down at my legs and said, "Whoa...where did you come from?!" I honestly didn't expect to bronze up like that and so quickly. My only recommendation is that for the knee, ankles, feet, elbow areas, make sure to blend really well. I like to apply moisturizer before and after to those parts of the body just to make sure the product won't develop overly in those areas. Retail: $30. Not tested on animals. All natural ingredients. 

In summary, I think both tanners are excellent with benefits of their own individually. ST. Tropez is more moisturizing, a little more natural looking and distributes a little more evenly. Whish tanner develops more quickly and in my opinion delivers more of a darker tan. Both long lasting results. I seriously would have to question which one I'd repurchase before the other but if I had to put my money on it at this very moment, I'd have to go with St. Tropez. 


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