Thursday, July 9, 2015

So you suffer from dry skin??? Derma e Hydrating Creme with Hyaluronic Acid might be your answer!

About Product: Derma e Hydrating Day Creme. Good for dry to normal skin types. This lightweight long lasting protective moisturizer is formulated for day use and enriched with Ester-C, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a moisture magnet capable of retaining up to 1000 times it's own weight in water and attracts and retains moisture for the skin. Derma E's HA formulas blend this remarkable ingredient with skin vitamins and botanicals to maximize hydration while helping diminish the appearance of find ones and wrinkles. Product is Gluten free, paragon free, hypoallergenic and is not tested on animals. (Retail price: $25.99 - 2 oz/56gr).

Review: What first caught my attention about derma e products was the fact they are cruelty free, vegan and contain more natural ingredients. I'm finding it more and more appealing to go with products which are natural based rather than synthetic because it makes me feel better about what I am putting on my skin. The magic ingredient in this cream is the ever popular hyaluronic acid which helps smooth, plump, hydrate and is a key to helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Even though it's a day cream, I like to apply it both morning and night. I love the way this lightweight lotion melts into my skin and leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. No dry skin at all! I recommend this cream to ladies of any age group who have dry and flaky skin.
For those needing more intense moisture, you can try the Hydrating Night Creme which contains Allantoin, Macadamia Oil, Vitamins A and E and provides extra rich hydration.  

Driven by Beliefs

derma e® is passionate about a future with healthier skin, a healthier environment and a healthier world.
  • To respect our skin, every derma e® formula is paraben-free, phthalate-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil-free and dye-free.
  • To respect our animal friends, every derma e® formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Finished formulas are never tested on animals.
  • To respect our environment, derma e® products are made with recyclable material, and we offset 100% of our electrical usage with wind energy certificates.
  • To respect our world, derma e® actively volunteers and supports the humanitarian organizations, animal welfare and land conservation programs that are near and dear to our hearts, including Special Olympics, Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND), the World Wildlife Fund and Polaris Project. A percentage of all our product sales is donated to The Paraguay Project, a non-profit program we established to aid the disadvantaged people, rainforest and land of Paraguay.

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