Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hi anyone and everyone that may come across this post! So let me be straight up honest that I received these items as part of training for my job. I am happy to announce to anyone unfamiliar with this makeup line that Tarte Cosmetics is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) approved and sports the cruelty free bunny logo on it's products. This is wonderful for many ladies because as I have come to discover, these high performance natural cosmetics are indeed fantastic. The question I am posing today however is, "Are Tarte Cosmetics truly cruelty free?". 

Though this is now old news, it may be new to some that Tarte Cosmetics was purchased by Japanese cosmetic brand Kose, in 2014. Kose is a company that tests on animals. As per Tarte Cosmetics founder Maureen Kelly, "Tarte will not be testing on animals or ever test on animals. We are a cruelty free company and will remain one". I hope this statement remains true because if Tarte cosmetics were  to expand into the Asian market, as per Asian gouvernment law, cosmetics must be tested on animals. 

What does this all mean to me? I am thankful that Tarte cosmetics is a cruelty free line because that is superior to many alternative brands that do test on animals. I am disappointed that Kose is 93.5% owner of Tarte and I do believe that Tarte cosmetics made a huge mistake of selling out to an animal testing company to expand their line for larger profit. Tarte in my opinion has backed up Kose and now keeps an animal testing company ever more alive and thriving. I know many are strongly disappointed and no longer purchase Tarte cosmetics. For others, just to know the line is cruelty free is good enough. It all comes down to where each of us individually draws the line. 

I encourage ladies to purchase cosmetics that are NOT owned by parent companies that test on animals. For those who do not have as strong a feeling on this matter, it is my hope that one chooses to at least  purchase from brand lines that do not test on animals such as Tarte. I do credit Tarte in having some nice makeup to choose from many of which are vegan products. To see a full list of the vegan products click the following link: Tarte_Vegan_Products
And because Tarte cosmetics has more natural ingredients than many brands, for people who are sensitive to makeup, it may be a suitable alternative (especially over companies that specifically test on animals to see what kind of allergic reaction us humans might have). 

Tarte cosmetics are High Performance Naturals formulated without parabens (preservatives), mineral oil (generally synthetic oils that often make skin break out), sodium laurel sulfate (foaming agent which tends to dry skin), gluten (wheat, causing allergic reactions), synthetic fragrances and triclosan (anti-bacterial agent) to name a few. 

Amazonian butter lipstick: (Retail $17).  Colour in, "Park Avenue Princess". This neutral colour I found to be extremely pale and did not work for me. Other colours to choose from. 

LipSurgence Lip gloss:  (Retail $19). This gloss is called, "energy". I thought all glosses were created equal until I tried this stuff. Hint of pink colour. Makes lips look incredibly glossy and brings them to life in addition to wearing my favorite lipstick. Made with vitamin E, jojoba oil, flower extract. Vanilla scent. 

Smooth Operator Pressed Powder:  (Retail $34). In the colour, "Fair". I'm more of a liquid foundation girl so this is only so so for me. For those who prefer pressed powder foundation, this delivers buildable coverage, helps to cover pores and skin imperfections. Good for oily prone skin. In my experience it's a nice way to gently finish off a liquid foundation to mattify any glow.

Amazonian clay blush:  (Retail $28). Colour in , "Blissful". Long lasting 12 hr blush. Yes, it does last that long in my experience. Made from clay that travels down the amazonian river, collected and baked in the sun. All blush colours are naturally formed by oxidization of the clay from the earth. Beneficial for both dry/oily skin. 

Maracuja Rainforest Glow:  (Retail $39 - 5.0 oz ) Instant, matte, waterproof body bronzer. Comes with glove. This stuff is AMAZING and looks incredibly natural. A little goes a long way. I am currently using this on my face in place of a foundation . Because a little goes a long way I use 50/50 primer and rainforest bronzer otherwise it would be to dark for my complexion. Made from Amazonian clay. Highly recommend this bronzer in place of most bronzers/tanners on the market of which most are tested on animals.

Maracuja Oil: (Retail $48 - 1.7 oz) Extracted oil from the maracuja fruit in the Amazon. One bottle contains 45 fruits. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Excellent for rejuvenating skin both dry or oily. Helps people with acne. This oil will help to absorb oil for those with oily prone skin. 

Airbrush review:  (Retail: $34) Brush is made of soft, versatile, synthetic bristles. Cruelty free. I don't mind encouraging people to purchase Tarte brushes since they are 100% cruelty free. If one chooses to use Tarte's full coverage liquid foundation, it is highly recommend to use this brush for superior, flawless results. 
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