Thursday, February 5, 2015


As many of you may know, silk comes from an insect called the Silkworm.  In actual fact, it is not a worm at all but rather a caterpillar. Likewise, what we refer to as, "silk" is in truth caterpillar spit produced from their salivary glands which solidifies once in contact with oxygen. 
The silkworm weaves a cocoon of silk, or more correctly spit, in order to protect itself during the process known as, "Pupa". This is the period where it develops into a moth. However, most silkworms do not make it out of their cocoon alive as they are steamed or more commonly boiled to death. They are killed because if allowed to complete full cycle, a moth will eat it's way through the cocoon where the silk would break and be rendered worthless. 
Though most wouldn't call the silkworm cute or consider it significant due to the fact it is an insect, it nevertheless is an animal that has full capacity to feel pain and suffering. It may not have ability to scream when afflicted with pain, but even this small creature is known to jump high in the air within the cocoon itself when being boiled alive as means of escape. 
Please choose to avoid materials made of silk. 


    • Silk production is used for making things such as clothing, bedding material and furniture. It is also used in some cosmetics. 
  • 3,000 silkworms are killed to make one pound of silk
  • Very few moths are spared in order to lay eggs for the continuing re-birth of silkworms. 
  • 300-400 eggs are laid by a single moth. 
  • Once unraveled, a single cocoon is between 300 and 900 meters in length
  • China and India are the leading producers of silk with China producing 58,000 tons of silk annually.



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