Thursday, February 19, 2015


"Pythons skinned alive and left to die in agony" -Daily Mail, 2015. This is the ever familiar truth behind the fashion industries obsession for animal skins.

It is estimated that 440,000 pythons are slaughtered in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Veitman each year to be made into handbags and shoes. In addition there are other breeds of snake, reptiles and crocodiles slaughtered by the millions annually for the exotic skin trade.

Snakes are hunted and taken from their homes in the jungles. They are usually bolted to a tree where they are cut open from one end to the other and skinned alive. Because of the snakes low metabolism, many remain alive for hours and even days before dying a slow agonizing death. Some snakes receive a blow to the head. A pipe is then logged down their throat and they are pumped full of water as their bodies expand. Throats are tied up so that water cannot escape and they are left this way for several minutes. Their heads are then impaled on a meat hook and skin forcefully ripped from their body.

                                                            Snakes often skinned alive

Lizards are decapitated or have their throats slowly cut and struggle to breathe while they remain alive. Crocodiles and alligators are kept in filthy over crowded conditions and are bludgeoned to death or otherwise shot.  Some are killed by using a chisel or mallet to sever the animals spinal cords which causes paralysis to the body. Many are skinned alive.

From designer Calvin Klein's aligator jackets to stars Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, famous for wearing skins and fur, how is it that we as a people support and admire such a people as this?

Please choose to not purchase animals skins. To otherwise do so, one is supporting a cold blooded and cruel industry. You can encourage others to stop wearing skins by sharing the video link below narrated by actor and animal activist Joaquin Phoenix.


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