Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Animal Testing Company L'Oreal purchases cruelty free makeup artist brand NYX

I LOVE NYX! I have been purchasing their makeup for a couple years now and love how each product sports the PETA,  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) bunny logo...but will the PETA logo remain?  

      PETA logo

It breaks my heart to have found that animal testing company L'Oreal has purchased NYX cosmetics as of late 2014. My understanding is that NYX will remain cruelty free and although that is wonderful news, what does this really entail?

Much controversy is found on the internet in regards to cruelty free brands owned by parent companies that test on animals. Let me give you a couple examples. Urban Decay is cruelty free however, owned by L'Oreal as of 2012. Burt's Bee's is cruelty free but owned by animal testing company, Clorox. It is up to us individually to contemplate whether we should purchase from particular cosmetic lines deemed, "cruelty free". We must keep in mind that profits made from our purchases are replenished back into the parent companies who do own makeup lines that test on animals, keeping animal testing thriving ever more.  

My personal thoughts: I make great effort to stay clear from cruelty free lines owned by animal testing companies. I encourage people to do the same. It is not always easy and takes courage at times to let go of makeup we love. The good news is that we have varieties of plentiful cruelty free options available to us. I look forward to finding out what my next cosmetic favorites will be. Hugs!

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