Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Kitty Cat Makeup

I love this time of year...the crisp smell of autumn, leaves changing to an abundance of beautiful colors and the fact that I get to dress up for Halloween! I'm going to be a Black Puma Cat. I know it's a pretty typical costume but I love the idea of doing this at least once. 

To achieve this look I'm using Butter London cruelty free cosmetics. First up, "Gobsmaked" nail polish. I have never in my life purchased such dark nail lacquer but I'm loving the look this season. Not only is it fun for halloween but it's a trendy color currently in style for a variety of fashion statements from business casual to rocker chic.

About this product:  A heavily pigmented charcoal grey glitter nail lacquer with a slightly textured finish. Butter London's polishes are created for the the catwalk and help to protect and nourish nails. Gobsmaked is just one of over 60 colors they have to offer in addition to a variety of indulgences for your hands, feet and lips. 

Review: I really love Butter London. I suggest using 2-3 coats to make it last longer. They have a great variety of colors to choose from and the fact that they don't use some of the typical chemical found in polishes is a huge bonus. Dries quickly which is great. Retail price $14 for  0.4 oz. I wish it was cheaper! 

Another one of my cosmetic favorites is Butter London's Lippy Lip Gloss in, "Tea with the Queen". 

About this product:
Butter London's nourishing formula moisturizes and protects with shea butter and vitamin E.  Lipstick and lip gloss all in one. 

"Tea with the Queen" is a light tan color. It's texture is smooth and moisturizing. Some may think the liquid to be rather thick so a little goes a long way. It has a soft sweet scent and I love how it has a gentle shine unlike glosses that contain lots of glitter. Retail price $18. 


(Whiskers, under eye diamonds and "meow" are all facial stickers).
Cheeks: Too Faced, Sun Bunny Bronzer
Mascara: Elf, Volume Plumping Mascara in Black
Eye liner: Elf eyeliner in Black

Faux leather heels to purr...fect the look.
Purchased at RUE 21 on sale for $18
I'm aways looking for a bargain because
 momma taught me well.