Monday, March 3, 2014

** Essential oils for the skin!!! **

DoTerra Essential Oils for skin!
My wonderful friend just got these oils for me and guess what!? They are great skin care oils! I love essential oils and do know about them as I used to work in the cosmetic field manufacturing them! 

Lavender is great for treating wrinkles, acne & eczema. It tones and boosts circulation as it boosts blood flow to supply adequate oxygen and nutrition to skin cells! If you have chapped lips, rub a few drops of lavender on them. Helps to heal!

Peppermint oil contains menthol which is good for nourishing dull skin & boosts the texture of oily skin. This oil helps with pimples and keeping your face blemish free. It is best when added to grape seed oil or Jojoba oil to get these skin benefits because it is a strong oil!! It's also an antiseptic for the scalp. Add a few drops to grape seed, Jojoba oil (I suggest adding 5 drops or less to a tablespoon), and this combination is excellent for your hair and scalp! You can also add is directly to your shampoo. Promotes healthy and shiny hair! Ladies do this for yourselves and give your husbands a wonderful head massage with this combination! Feels and smells wonderful!

Lemon (One of my favorites!) Has rejuvenating properties that brightens dull skin & blemishes. Lemon oil is powerful and is better added to a carrier oil such as grape seed oil or jojoba oil. 5 drops or less to each teaspoon of oil is good:) I prefer to apply this oil at night as it can make skin sensitive when applied on a sunny day. It's also makes for a powerful natural cleaner. In a spray bottle add equal parts water and vinegar. Add a few drops of oil for smell and voila! Truly makes for an exceptional cleaner for bathroom & kitchen. Also home made cleaners are cruelty free! No testing on animals as are most cleaning products you find in stores. 

I encourage ladies to make their own masks and lotions with oils. Not only is it great for us and our skin, but we save animals from being tested on:)

Have a wonderful day! 
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